Scott Horns

USAT Triathlon Coach-2003
USA Cycling Level 3 Coach       15X IRONMAN competitor
22 yrs. endurance racing         ACSM- CPT                               Ironman Hawaii Competitor       Boston Marathon Competitor
Certified EMT-B

 USA Triathalon Coach

USA Cycling


Mission Statement
To provide an exceptional coaching service based on individual needs and ongoing quality research. Relying on experience, personal knowledge, and a broad network of contacts, Bella Multisport Coaching will provide athletes with all the tools necessary to achieve their own personal goals.

Achieving balance in life is essential to success. I will provide a challenging personal training program based on an individual's lifestyle which includes appropriate training, recovery, family and work. Being a quality endurance athlete involves more than just training hard, it requires a certain level of ethics and state of mind. Finding and maintaining balance will result in longevity and success.

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-Training programs based around real world schedules for busy professionals/ parents
-Ten years of triathlon coaching experience that will guarantee improved performance.






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