To provide an exceptional coaching service based on individual needs and ongoing quality research. Relying on experience, personal knowledge, and a broad network of contacts, Bella Multisport Coaching will provide athletes with all the tools necessary to achieve their own personal goals.


Achieving balance in life is essential to success. I will provide a challenging personal training program based on an individual's lifestyle which includes appropriate training, recovery, family and work. Being a quality endurance athlete involves more than just training hard, it requires a certain level of ethics and state of mind. Finding and maintaining balance will result in longevity and success.


Scott Horns

Scott Horns has competed in endurance sports for 22 years. During this time, he has raced in 15 international Ironman triathlons and qualified and raced in the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He is a certified USA Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling coach, Emergency Medical Technician, a graduate of the University of Toledo and holds a M.S.S in Sports Medicine from the United States Sports Academy. Horns consistently places in the top five percent and believes this is due to the philosophy that guides his coaching and training.


  • USAT Triathlon Coach-2003
  • USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
  • 15X IRONMAN competitor
  • 22 yrs. endurance racing
  • Ironman Hawaii Competitor
  • Boston Marathon Competitor
  • Certified EMT-B
  • M.S.S Sports Science


Triathlons: Ironman Canada, Ironman Florida, Ironman New Zealand, Ironman Brazil, Ironman Wisconsin, Ironman USA, Ironman Hawaii, Ironman St. George, Ironman Louisville, Little Smokies, Maumee Bay Tri, Great Buckeye Challenge, Caeser Creek International, Sylvania R4R, Desoto TTT

Road Races 2011 Boston Marathon, 2004 Flag City 10k, 2004 Run Like the Dickens 5k, 2003 Glass City Marathon, 2003 Racing For Recovery 5K, 2003 Run Like the Dickens 5k, 2003 Huff 50K trail run, 2000 Glass City Marathon

What people are saying

  • Since we have been working together  ( training smart )  I have not been injured,  Set many personal bests, Finished many events ---half and full marathons, triathlons--Olympic,two half iron man  and  two iron man distance events, Which is unbelievable!
  • I hired Scott to coach me for Ironman Florida 2013 - my first IM race. I found him to be hands on - working with me on all aspects of my training and helping me navigate injuries along the way, adjusting the workout plan to accommodate recovery needs, PT, and setting realistic goals. Although I did sustain an injury, Scott helped me see beyond it, and accomplish my goal of completing my first IM triathlon. I was grateful for his help, expertise and experience and I plan to engage him again to coach me for Ironman Louisville 2015!
  • When I first hired Scott Horns as a coach, I was in the beginning stages of triathlon. I had many, many questions, concerns & doubts, which he handled with great care & confidence. Scott helped shape me into an endurance athlete. With patience & guidance I became an Ironman. I had to learn to trust both Scott & the program, but he made that easy. He taught me to balance life, training, kids & work, not to mention life stressors. I think that's an important aspect of coaching. Scott always encouraged me, was always respectful & always gave 110% to me as an athlete. He is extremely knowledgeable & personable, making his coaching valuable & sound. I am extremely thankful for all of his assistance & motivation. Scott Horns will get you where you need to go & he will do it well. Strong & ready at the start line.
  • Scott has helped me achieve my triathlons goals for over a decade. He is an extremely knowledgeable coach who is passionate about his work.
  • I have been triathlon training with Scott Horns of Bella Mulit-Sport for more than 2 years. His steady, logical, confident approach to long distance multi-sport events got me to the finish line of my second Ironman triathlon feeling amazing and accomplished. I had none of the pre-race exhaustion I had experienced in previous years and felt like my nutrition was perfect. It was very easy to learn to trust Scott's coaching techniques. His availability throughout the process seemed to be 24/7. This year Scott is training me for a Half-Ironman distance event and a full marathon and with his coaching I am expecting excellent results.
    Sheri, Maitland, FL
  • I contacted Scott at Bella Multisport Coaching after I signed up for my Fall marathon. I was referred to him by quite a few triathletes I had trained with in the past. They found Scott after they had become injured or were not meeting their goals in their endurance races.I have been pleased with the program he has formulated for me thus far. I feel confident in the blend of strength, particularly geared to exactly what I need for my specific race, as well as his attention to heart rate, zone training and the combination of speed and endurance. He also is extremely flexible if a day of rest is needed and has made it clear that we should always listen to our body above all else. You will be in great hands with Scott.
    Heather, Orlando, FL

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