My Philosophy – written by Scott Horns
Building a Better Athlete One Cell at a Time – Working with today’s athlete requires a holistic approach in addressing individual needs.  All too often, fitness centers overlook the simple philosophy that the training process needs to start with the basic foundation of the human body – Cells. The body rebuilds itself almost entirely every few months.  Common sense dictates that the stronger the cells are the stronger the body will be.  In order to build healthy cells, an athlete needs to focus on more than training. The following areas need to be addressed:
¨        Nutrition- educate athlete about daily nutrition (this encompasses more than “in season” habits)
¨        Technique- Proper technique will yield greater efficiency and decrease injury
¨        Lifestyle/ stress management- increases athletes focus and decreases recovery period
¨        Injury prevention- incorporate methods such as Yoga/ Pilates/ Functional strength
¨        Proper rest- often overlooked, the body only grows stronger when it is resting
The athlete who can train effectively and has the ability to recover quickly from the training will see faster and greater results. Simple!
My personal philosophy in working with athletes is that the process is most effective when a holistic/ lifestyle approach and support network is established for the athlete. Reaching elite status as an athlete, requires undivided focus and preparation, but does not encompass training 24/7. I like to use an approach similar to the support Olympic athletes receive for their training, but using a more cost effective methods.  Every aspect of the athlete’s lifestyle needs to be examined. The athlete should also be educated about how decisions will affect their performance. The program will need to offer a team of 3-6 individuals, specializing in the focus areas listed above, that can support the athlete on every level.
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